Charlemagne's Kingdom

Helen, GA

8808 N. Main St.
Helen, GA 30545



Charlemagne's Kingdom, an Alpine Model Railroad Museum in the Georgia Mountains, features HO Scale German Model Railroads, in a 50 foot exhibit that depicts the various terrain and architecture of Germany. As an example of Alpine art, it is a unique combination of imagination and craftsmanship, the product of the original owners of Willi and Judi Lindhorst. Charlemagne refers principally to the German lands which were ruled by the Frankish King in the 700's. This exhibit is really a marvelous Alpine Model Railroad depicting a modern Germany from "The North Sea to the Alps." It is truly a work of art and is the result of Willi's love of his homeland, its people, trains, architecture, industry, customs and culture. (Not only that, but Willi can trace himself as a lineal descendant of Charlemagne!)

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It’s the charm of Bavaria, in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains.