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Cottage Vineyard and Winery

Cleveland, GA

5050 US Hwy 129N
Cleveland, GA 30528

Here at The Cottage Vineyards & Winery, our vines really are the future of this endeavor. Let’s take a moment to shine a little light on the grapes!

Summer has officially arrived and it is getting pretty hot here in Georgia. We love the summertime just as much as the vines do. The vines actually prefer this excessive heat to help them wart off root fungus.

Rain is a good thing because it help the vines grow faster and flourish; but everything in moderation, right? Excessive wet seasons are when the Vineyard workers seem to fight off more fungus so they prefer heat vs too much rain. Also, some lack of rain makes the roots struggle in the ground to find water which makes the roots, and thus, the vines stronger and better! As Jim says… "Treat the vines like a man and the grapes like a lady!"

Currently Veraison is changing the grapes color and making them more pliable. As the ripening process occurs we will be awaiting harvest so our grapes sweeten up and make amazing Cottage wine. Weather plays a big part in the success of our vines so next time it rains just think about the good it is doing for our future wine!

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It’s the charm of Bavaria, in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains.