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Hansel & Gretel Candy Kitchen

Helen, GA

8651 N Main St.
Helen, GA 30545
Hansel & Gretel Candy Kitchen is a pleasant surprise right in the middle of the Alpine Village of Helen, Georgia. In a village where one might expect typical tourist fare, there is a remarkable candy kitchen that produces some of the finest candy in Georgia. Rising from the most humble of beginnings in 1973, Hansel & Gretel has established itself as a serious manufacturer of incredibly delicious chocolates, the best peanut and pecan brittle you've ever tasted, and more than 100 other candies. From its start as a 234-square-foot candy shop in 1973, Hansel & Gretel has grown into a 5,000 square-foot retail/production facility. Every day you will find freshly dipped strawberries, and Granny Smith apples are dipped in our homemade whipping cream caramel, coated with rich milk chocolate, and covered with pecans or other toppings. We make rich, crunchy almond butter toffee, five flavors of fruit jellies (all available either sanded with sugar, or coated with chocolate), marshmallow, and more than a dozen flavors of hand-dipped creams. We hand-dip glazed pineapple slices, orange peel, apricots, and ginger. There is an entire showcase dedicated to pretzels, graham crackers, and special layered chocolate cookies, all coated with real chocolate. We only use real chocolate in our products, not chocolate flavored coatings. If peanut butter is your favorite, there are more than a dozen products we manufacture that you are sure to enjoy, from fudge to meltaways, soft centers to crunch, and so much more. We hand-dip stemmed cherries in real chocolate, but we also make cordial cherries with liquid centers. Our chocolate caramel pecan turtles are the best-selling piece of candy in all of Helen. An extensive part of our chocolate production involves chocolate molding. We manufacture hundreds of different chocolate lollipops and dozens of different chocolate molded theme sets. We make chocolate nut clusters and bark--the same as clusters, only flat instead of bite-sized pieces. Our chocolate truffles made with heavy cream are our signature pieces. Even if you have visited our company in Helen, it is possible you may have missed some of our items because there are so many to look at in the store! We are constantly growing and adding new items. Check out our website for more information about how to order our products for delivery to your home. We ship to every state in U.S. Our guarantee: it is our intent to provide you with the finest candy we can make. If you are dissatisified with your purchase, just return any unused product to us for replacement or refund. We will ship the replacement at no further cost to you. Thank you for shopping with Hansel & Gretel, and taking the time to look at our website. Hansel & Gretel Candy Kitchen is open every day but Christmas Day.
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It’s the charm of Bavaria, in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains.