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Helen Arts & Heritage Council

Helen, GA

25 Chattahoochee Strasse
Helen, GA 30545

Welcome to Helen Arts & Heritage Center, a local non-profit art gallery, pottery studio, history museum and art educational facility, located in the Alpine Bavarian Village of Helen, Georgia, tucked away in the far northeast mountainous region of our great state. The center is responsible for serving area artists and others through art educational programs, annual gallery exhibits and competitions, marketing, publicity and stands as a pillar of the community in cultural outreach. The gallery serves many area artists through its sale of art and is in itself, a base location for artists desiring a quiet and relaxed place to master their skills and share interests and ideas with fellow working artisans.

The History & Heritage Museum is housed within the Arts Center and serves not only locals, but visitors from all over the world. The local history is rich and embedded deep here and it is our goal, as an organization whose membership consists of authorized historians, to do everything possible to carefully preserve the historic heritage and keep alive the valued past for our future generations.

In 2007, a handful of determined local area women had an idea that eventually turned into a reality. Their vision was of a place for artists to come together, share creative talentvs with each other and a place to display and sell their art; but more importantly, a place of fellowship among women, a "common ground" where they all shared an interest. After only a few frantic weeks of planning, much hard work and brainstorming, the Helen Arts & Heritage Center was born.

The Arts Center is now a growing community cultural outreach and support system for area artists, equipped with a working pottery studio where potters can create their wares from raw clay to finished glazed product. Located above the pottery studio is the Painter's Guild Loft where painters gather each week to paint and share their talents and skill, while inspiring others in the process. The center's gallery is home to a remarkable display of art in a wide range of media from some incredibly talented artists. The organization is base to a membership of over 200 and growing; many of whom are talented, experienced artists frequently utilizing the facility to share and teach various artistic techniques. An assortment of art classes are held at the center throughout the year in various media interests.

Overall, we are a group of hard working volunteers from a vast range of backgrounds who have now come together as one. We 'have' families and we 'are' family. Some of us are artists and some are not. Some just want to be involved in the organization because they believe in what we represent. When there is a need, we step up to the plate to help, because we care about our community and its people. We are a strong group of caring, unselfish and giving people whose hope and belief is that we shall forever impact the arts and the lives of others in a favorable manner by encouraging, supporting and inspiring.

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It’s the charm of Bavaria, in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains.